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jeudi 14 septembre 2017

Target: Longer stronger hair with Pantogar [EN]

Hello beauties! You need to know something... My hair is falling... yes, as simple as that... falling... no apparent reason (or is there?)...

First I thought I was low on iron, so I got some exams done and my iron levels are all good. Then I read all over the news about people suffering from terrible side effects (e.g. massive hair loss) because of Levothyrox's new formula and, of course, I became a bit paranoid. I asked a doctor and at the drugstore and the formula hasn't changed in Switzerland. So, no, it can't be that. I was told that it could be because of stress, but (besides the fact that I'm looking for a new job) I'm 0% stressed. So, a couple of weeks ago I received an invitation for a talk given by Dr. Ralph Trüeb about hair loss and Pantogar and I knew I couldn't miss it.

I did some googling and Dr. Trüeb is not only a specialist in dermatology and trichologist, he is also an international renowned referent of the matter, having written several books and founded Switzerland's Hair Center. Wow! As for Pantogar, I had never heard of it before... until last week.
Dr. Trüeb (in the middle) ¦ Photo: Contcept Communication

Dr. Trüeb made a great presentation, talking about the basics but also deepening into the matter and I learned a lot. For instance:
  • There is actually a hair cycle! Your hair growths (known as the developping phase) for about 3 to 8 years, then it enters into a transition phase (where the growth stops completely) and finally it falls (this is the resting phase). Of course, the falling is not immediate. The resting phase can last from 2 to 4 months. In the meantime, new hair is growing again. Each hair follows itw own cycle.
  • There are external and internal factors that may cause hair loss. For example, hormones (menopause, the pill), toxins (antibiotics, cortisone), unhealthy diets, blood diseases (anaemia), autoimmune diseases, smoking, a simple flu... And there can be more than one cause at the same time which can trigger hair loss.
  • We actually "change" hair! I only though this happened to cats! (please, don't mock me!) According to Dr. Trüeb, us, humans, we also change hair towards the end of winter and the end of summer. I knew people were more prone of hair loss at the end of winter and it's totally understandable, because the hair is attacked by extreme cold, snow and rain, it can't breathe properly because it's trapped into caps and beanies, and, let's face it, we don't have a varied enough diet during winter. I understand that hair falls at the end of winter. I've noticed and it's logical... but this also happens at the end of summer! I don't know yet why (the talk was in German and well... let's just say I don't master Goethe's language that well to understand deep concepts and science), but that's what he said.
I said to myself: "AHA!!!!! Maybe what I'm experiencing is just hair change, because it's the end of summer." But I've noticed this for almost 2 months... and again... two months ago I was coming back to Switzerland (so I went from winter to summer [-> hair fall] and now summer to winter again [-> more hair fall] in a very short time). Maybe my body is just unsync and needs to find its balance once again. But I need to do something to help because I realise now that my body (and hair) may be warning me that I need to get things fixed.

Dr. Trüeb then presented Pantogar. Pantogar is a drug by Merz Pharma, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, that is effective against hair loss. But why Pantogar and not any other drug? Actually, Dr. Trüeb was contacted by the company around 20 years ago to conduct an independent research about hair loss and the experimental use of Pantogar. This was back when dermatologists thought there was no cure for hair loss, that it was all due to genetics (and somehow this is true even in our days, but up to some extend). So he conducted the studies and found that Pantogar actually worked after 3 to 6 months of treatment. He didn't know then why it worked but it did. With time and in close collaboration with Merz, he found that the mix of L-cystine and vitamin complex-B was the responsible for the good results.
The presentation

The composition
Nowadays, he only works with two drugs: Minoxidil and Pantogar. If used together, the treatment is shorter, but a doctor's advice is a must. He said most patients only need Pantogar, which is sold over the counter, but if patients don't see results after 6 months, they really need to see a dermatologist. He highlighted that patients should not stop the treatment after seeing good results before the 3-month period, because it might just be a placebo. Also, if patients ever get a flu or a cold during the first 3 months, the treatment should be longer (because our immune system was low).

So, I started taking Pantogar on Sept. 12th (as I said, I'm willing to help boost my system). I'll give it a try for 3 months and we'll see how it works. If you would like to try Dr. Trüeb's full treatment with Pantogar, he recommends 3 pills per day (at mealtimes) for 3 to 6 months. Then 2 pills per day (at lunch and dinner time) for 3 months and finally 1 pill per day for 3 months. In case of relapse, 1 pill per day.

I'll try to keep you updated about my treatment (*taking mental notes here*). And you, have you already tried Pantogar or any other like-drug?

*Thank you to Merz Pharma and Contcept Communication for the invitation.*

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