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lundi 20 janvier 2014

Bobbi Brown Eyewear

Photo: Bobbi Brown

The rumor of Bobbi soon launching her own eyewear line has been around for several months and finally it is here! Bobbi has designed different models to fit each face shape, skin tone and lifestyle (classic, glam, etc.). Take a look at the names, aren't they cute? I'm falling for the Kennedy, and you?

Depuis des mois on entend une rumeur selon laquelle Bobbi prépare une collection de lunettes, et la voilà! Bobbi a créé différents modèles qui vont s'adapter à toutes les formes de visage, teintes et styles de vie (classique, glam, etc.). Lisez ces nom, ne sont-ils pas chou? Ahhh je tombe sous le charme des Kennedy, et vous?

Photo: Bobbi Brown

2 commentaires:

  1. Woah I did not know about this! It's not an april fool's joke, huh? Awesome!

  2. Hi hi nope. You can get them here:,en_US,sc.html
    BUT I think it's only available for the US for now.